Winterbourne, ON

Winterbourne, ON


What sets your school apart from other schools?

In a warm community we integrate faith and academics in meaningful ways at each grade level. Our mission is Christlike character, and we know that can only be achieved by knowing Him and understanding His word. We are on your side when it comes to worldview and values. We are partnering with you as you raise your kids up to the glory of Christ. We want school to be safe and peaceful for your kids too. Our school environment allows kids to flourish in their learning without fear. Students often don’t want to leave at the end of a school day, or at the end of grade eight! Yet they flourish in life, and report back to us that their school experience at Foundation was special.

What curriculum do you use?

Our curriculum builds on and modifies the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines. However, our approach to teaching provides a consistent and scaffolded learning environment for students. In addition to the recommended curriculum, students at Foundation have many academic advantages. Visit our curriculum page for more information.

How is the Bible incorporated into your classes?

We have a structured Christian Education curriculum taught in our Christian Education classes, which includes Bible reading and Bible memorization. However, we integrate the truths of the Bible into all curriculum areas and into many relational aspects of our school community.

Is your school run by a church denomination?

Families in our school represent a variety of denominations. Our school is built on the word of God, as we always look towards our Lord and Saviour. We recognize that the Church is diverse and focus on our core beliefs underpinned by our Statement of Faith, on the basis that our school community represents a cross section of God’s children.

What is the tuition fee?

Visit our tuition and financial aid page for tuition amounts. We do what we can to help families afford the costs. If you have any questions, we would be happy to speak with you. Please feel free to contact us.

Is transportation an additional expense?

Transportation is an extra fee based on a per family rate. Foundation is part of a larger transportation system which is managed by Woodland Christian High School. The cost for this service is set each academic year and is included on our tuition page. Routes are confirmed late summer.

Do you have a dress code?

We do have a dress code. Students are to dress in navy blue, khaki, hunter green and white.

Do you offer full-time or part-time kindergarten?

Currently we offer both full-time and part-time kindergarten options for both Junior and Senior Kindergarten. Part-time kindergarten students come to school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while full-time kindergarten students are at school for five full days of the week.

How long has your school been in existence?

Foundation Christian School has been in operation since 2006.

Foundation Testimonials…

I love being a teacher at Foundation because I have the opportunity to disciple kids every day, helping them grow spiritually, academically and socially. We can see so much growth in our students, because there are great relationships between parents, staff and students. It’s a lovely community.


Our son simply loves to go to Junior Kindergarten at Foundation Christian School. We feel the Holy Spirit working within this closely knit community. Throughout the school we notice the strong bond between the teachers and the children. We feel we always know what is going on in the school through emails, message bags and impromptu conversations, to which the staff is always open.

Martin & Marta

I like Foundation because it is a kind, caring Christian school and because the teachers are really nice and understanding.


I appreciate being free to integrate faith into every aspect of the classroom. I love that I can not only pray for my kids but also pray with them. And there is nothing more precious than when my kids pray over me. I am not just teaching the curriculum and I’m not just trying to form good citizens. Together, my kids and I, we are learning to be more like Jesus.


I love attending Foundation because it feels like a home and a family. I know everyone and they know me, so I feel supported and at home here.


I love that at Foundation we can learn about God. Also that we have fun learning about Him.


Academic excellence, engaging extra-curricular experiences and consistent mentoring from staff and teachers create a warm community where becoming more like Christ is the focus. Our children have flourished here.

Amy Beth

Solid education, great teachers, wonderful kids! Our boys have grown tremendously at Foundation.


Jesus blessed me with this school, and I am so happy.


Foundation Christian School is a great school with high-quality academics, a good variety of extra-curricular activities, and a family-like atmosphere.  The class sizes at Foundation are relatively small which translates into extra one-on-one attention.  Teachers are aware of each student’s strengths and weaknesses and are willing to put in the time and effort to help your child excel. The headmaster and teachers work together with parents to try and encourage children to behave in a way that reflects God’s love.


It’s Christ-centred family. A place our kids spend their whole day learning principles such as daily forgiveness and to love Jesus and each other more and more each day.  We also wanted a multi-ethnic environment for our children so they would learn that Jesus is the Lord of all! We are thankful every day for our Christ-following school!


Both of my children went from kindergarten to grade 8 and both received a strong Foundation for high school. I have never met teachers who care more for the kids than the ones at Foundation!


Foundation Christian School is such an amazing place! Teachers and staff who genuinely care for each student, and spend the time making sure all students are succeeding to the best of their abilities. Families are made to feel that they are part of something unique and special. No one is left behind or left out. What an awesome school experience we’ve had so far! My only regret is not putting my daughter there earlier.